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语法: 1. In the meeting today, we’ll-------new hires. A .be discussing B. been discussed C. to discuss 2. It really-----when your boss listens to your concerns. A. is making different B. B. made differently C. C. makes a difference 3. I’m--------talking about new office rules. A . be finishing to B. going to finish by C. to have finished by 4. -----by talking about sales. Then we can discuss new product ideas. A. I started B. B.I would start C. C. I’ll start 5. You need -------some perspective here. It’s not the end of the world. A. get B. getting C. to get 6. In _____ rent, I also have to pay bills. A .addition B. addition to C. to add to 7. The _____ capital is our biggest problem right now. A .lack of B. lacked in C. lacking 8. Good news is that sales _____ last month.

A. held steady B. hold steadily C. holding steady 9. Maybe she _____ relocate to another city next month. A. didn't have to B. hadn't had to C. won't have to 10. You were late again today. Could you please try to arrive _____? A. earlier B. more earlier C. most earliest 11. I wonder _____ enjoy her new job. A. if she's going to B. is she going to C. what she's going to 12. I never thought that the company _____ go out of business, but it did. A. had B. might C. wouldn't 13. I always _____ that I would live in this city forever. A. imagined B. imagining C. to imagine 14. I have to pay my utility bills twice _____. A. per month B. per monthly C. per months 15. You _____ that credit card. A. are better stop using B. had better stop using

C. would better stop to use 16. I'm _____ about closing the Bern office. It's losing money A. guess they're thinking B. guessing they'll be thinking C. to guess they'd been thinking 17. If I _____ your attention, please. Let's get started. A. can be B. could have C. have to 18. I thought that it _____ easy to find another job, but it wasn't. A. was B. won't be C. would be 19. Total revenue has increased from $6 million _____ $7 million. A. at B. by C. to 20. I have some serious _____ the contract details. A. concerned for B. concerning C. concerns about 词汇 1. If you're interested, I have a _____ to the problem. A. solution B. solve C. solving 2. She believes in _____ equality, that women should have the same rights as men. A. gender

B. generation C. genetic 3. We need better _____ between the two teams. A. Coordination B. evaluation C. resignation 4. Let's turn the space into a _____ room, where staff can play games and relax. A. daycare B. recreation C. storage 5. Our company's new _____: to give the customers whatever they need. A. mission statement B. systems review C. team structure 6. One benefit is that the new area is cheaper; _____ is that it's far away. A. a drawback B. a plus C. an advantage 7. Is your career goal _____? Is it possible to get what you want? A. attainable B. specific C. supportive 8. We could lay off staff. The only other _____ is to close the company. A. alternative B. expense C. priority 9. To me, job _____ is important: you have to enjoy your job. A. ambition

B. contribution C. satisfaction 10. Are there any _____ to my salary, anything you take out? A. compensations B. contributions C. deductions 阅读 September 23 Dear Mom and Dad, Well, I’ve been at Lakemont College now for almost three years, and I have to say that it’s really great! Thanks for recommending it. I love the town and people. My professors are all excellent and helpful. My only concern has been money. Now I know you may think I’m about to ask you to lend me money. I’m not. I’m just writing to tell you that I’m doing fine. Don’t worry! I know that you do. Anyway, I got a part-time job last week. It’s a challenge going to school full time and working part time, but I’m managing OK. I’m working in the dining hall 20 hours a week. I prepare food for the other students. I get $11 an hour and am paying all my bills myself. However, I also have to tell you that the cost of living here is going to go up for my senior year. The college is raising tion by 10% to %25,000 per year. That’s a lot for classes! Also, my apartment is raising our rent to $2,000 per month. I still have three roommates, so I’ll have to pay $500 a month. I may have to get more loan money next year . I think I can do it if I can get a good summer job. I’m applying for a job as a clerk in a hospital, and I really hope that I get it since, as you know, I want to be a doctor someday. It pays $25 an hour! Well, I’ve gone on for a long time, and I have to get back to studying. Love, Stephanie 1.Why did Stephanie write this letter? A. to ask her parents for money B. to say she wants to be a doctor C. to tell her parents that she's OK 2. What changed in Stephanie's life recently?

A. She got a part-time job. B. She got a summer job in a hospital. C. She graduated from college. 3. How much money does Stephanie get an hour now? A. $11 B. $15 C. $25 4. What is Stephanie worr about for next year? A. her expenses are going to rise significantly B. she might get some bad grades C. she might not get a good job in the fall 5. Why does Stephanie want to work in a hospital? A. She can make $20 per hour. B. She has no other options. C. She wants to be a doctor. Hi, Neil. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your input and enthusiasm during your annual review. Your can-do attitude certainly makes these kinds of meetings easier. We went over quite a few different areas, and looked into various ways in which you can improve and/or want to develop. Below is a prioritized list, based on our conversation. Play a bigger role in the team You’ve been a senior engineer for the last six months, but you’ve yet to take the lead in any significant project. We agreed that you would be given the chance to play a bigger role in the team. Ik also suggested you could be more proactive and put your self forward more. Sometimes you’re a little shy, and don’t seize opportunities when they come along. Play a bigger role in planning We also discussed you not just leading projects, but also helping to plan them. That way, you can get more involved in the earlier stages and feel more ownership of projects when you’re leading them. We identif strong analytical and planning skills in your work, and hope you can develop these further, making yourself a stronger project planner. Help develop other team members

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