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非谓语动词练习 1.While watching television, ____________. A. the doorbell rang B. we heard the doorbell ring C. there was someone knocking at the door D. we heard the doorbell rung 2. China is know greatly in terms of its cultural values over the past few years. A.to change B.having changed C.changing D.to have changed 3.I’m afraid we’ll have to work extra hours, for there are still some problems____. A.remaining to settle B.remaining to be settled C.remained to talk about D.to remain to discuss 4. We tr hard, and eventually, we were able to get Mike ____us his car just for a day. A. lending B. lend C. to lend D. lent 5.The railway bridge ___ by 2012 will provide a faster route to transport goods. A. to be completed B. is completed C. completed D. being completed 6. All the class except Eddie, who is ill,____there. A.were expecting going B.is expected to go C.was expecting going D.are expecting to go 7. The Haiti earthquake at the beginning of 2010 is believed _______ more than 100,0130 people and makes millions homeless, ______ it perhaps the most destroying earthquake in history. A. to kill; making B. to have killed; making C. having killed; to make D. killing; made 8.I only know we will have a League meeting, but I have no idea when _____ it. A.shall we have B.will we have C.to have D.having 9.—What are you busy with? —The conference______in our city next week, as you know. A. held B. will be held C. be holding D. to be held 10. An air France jet is reported in the Atlantic Ocean with 228 people aboard,the airline’s worst disaster in its 75-year history. A.to have crashed B.to have been crashed C. having crashed D.having been crashed 11.Her husband and she are now at work on a new dictionary ____ next year. A. to publish B. being published C. published D. to be published 12. The 2010 World Expo _____ in Shanghai is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors from home and abroad. A. to hold B. to be held C. held D. to be holding 13. When the telephone rang, I happened______in the kitchen, but when I came over to get it, it rang off. A. to cook B. to have cooked C. to be cooking D. having cooked 14.— I'm wondering why the visitors chose to stay with the host family. — _____real local life. A. Experiencing B. Experience C. To experience D. Having experienced 15. The government has done everything it can __ the bur miners. A. to save B. saving C. save D. saved 1

16. To greatly raise people’s living conditions, _______. A. all kinds of measures have taken B. they have taken all kinds of measures C. it is said that they have taken all kinds of measures D. I think they have taken all kinds of measures 17. Ted and his friends established a website offering useful information about thunderstorms ______ similar accidents happening. A. prevent B. preventing C. to prevent D. prevented 18. He hurr to the hotel, only _________ his girlfriend had left. A. to tell B. to be told C. telling D. told 19. ______60 miles a day, you need your mountain bike in a very good state. A. Cover B. Covered C. To cover D. Having covered 20. Our monitor,___ it clear to us that he didn’t want to waste time playing computer games—left the Internet bar quickly. A.made B.having made C.making D.had made 21. __ by greater demand of vegetables, farmers have built more green houses. A. Driven B. Being driven C. To drive D. Having driven 22. _____ the chapter four times, I finally understood the author's theory. A.Reading B.Having read C.To read D.Read 23. –Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. –Sorry, with so much work __________ my mind, I almost break down. A. filled B. filling C. to fill D. being filled 240. The manager, ______his factory’s products were poor in quality, decided to give his workers further training. A. knowing B. known C. to know D. being known 25.Nowadays, many people _____about eating habits____ what they believe. A. take choices; base on B. make choices; based on C. do choices; basing on D. have choices; to base on 26._____Three times in a row ,the boxer decided to give up fighting. A.Having defeated B.To have defeated C.Having been defeated D.To have been defeated 27. ___ after a long walk, Henry called and said he couldn’t come for our party. A.Having worn out B.Wearing out C.Worn out D.To be worn out 28. According to the report, people in the____ areas are rebuilding their homes and many roads____ to the areas have been repaired. A. flooded; lead B. flooding; leading C. flooding; to lead D. flooded; leading 29.-What are on show in the museum? -Some pictures ____ by middle-school students. A. taking B. having been taken C . taken D. being taken 30. They plan to go aborad for a holiday with all the task ____ahead of time. A. to finish B. finished C. finishing D. having finished 31. _____, in some areas the electricity was cut off, ______ residents in 8 counties spend their lunar New Year’s Eve in darkness. A. Making matters worse, making B. What was worse, to make 2

C. Worse still, making D. To make matters worse, to make 32. From the school name ____on the package, we guessed that it might belong to a student of our school. A. to mark B. marking C. marked D. having been marked 33. In summer, food will go bad if________in room temperature. A.leaving B.left C.being left D.having left 34. Once ____ this city, you’ll find that there is so much surprise waiting for you to discover. A.visiting B.visit C.visited D.to visit 35. Subway Line 4,____into use in September 2009,has made traveling in Beijing easier. A.having been put B.putting C.being put D.put 36. --- Is there any possibility of the film ____ in Paris International Festival? --- Not in the least, because the audience generally think little of it. A. trying out B. tr out C. to try out D. being tr out 37. With three children ____ school, the couple have to leave their hometown in the countryside and work in big cities throughout the year. A. attending B. to attending C. attended D. being attended 38. When I came in, I found Lucy_____ by the window ______to music. A. seated; listening B. seated; listenedC. seating,listened D. seating ; listening 39. Stella was disappointed to find her new plan _and fell into great depression. A.put away B.carr out C.turned down D.left out 40. The Internet gives people the chance to have the information they need ____ to them quickly and cheaply. A. to deliver B. deliver C. delivering D. delivered 41. In the reading room, we found her ____ at a desk, with her attention ____ on a book. A. sitting, fixingB. sit, fixed C. sitting, to be fixed D. seated, fixed 42. On a ____ morning the little girl was found ____ at the corner of the street. A. freezing, freezing B. freezing, frozen C. frozen, frozen D. frozen, freezing 43.On the bank of the river, we found him ______ on a beach, with his eyes _______ on a kite in the sky. A. seated; fixing B. sitting; fixing C. seated; being fixed D. sitting; fixed 44. “Oh, it’s too ____ a match to tell who laughs last.” The audience commented with an ___ voice. A. excited; excited B. exciting; exciting C. exciting; excited D. excited; exciting 45. Teachers` advice of____ stress over the school days must be granted by the headmaster. A. students to reduce B.students reducingC.students reduced D.students being reduced 46. I regret _____ more time with my grandma before she passed away. A. not spending B. not to spend C. not spend D. not have spent 47. The customers objected ____ unfairly in the course of shopping. A. to be treated B. their being treatedC. to being treatedD. having been treated 48. More and more people are looking forward to ______ the Expo in Shanghai. A. visit B. visiting C. visited D. be visited 3

49. Taking physical exercise regularly is an effective way to avoid__ with the flu. A. to infect B. infecting C. to be infected D. being infected 50. ____________ in a well-known university is what everybody wishes for. A. Educated B. To educate C. Educating D. Being educated 51. All parents are willing to risk ________ their lives to save ________ of their children when a disaster is approaching. A. losing; that B. to lose; those C. losing; those D. having lost; the ones 52.----What made him worr? ----____ help the people in the snowstorm in the South. A. Not known how to B. Because we didn’t know how to C. Our knowing not how to D. Our not knowing how to 53. Several students in our class are considering__ to the United Kingdom for further study next year. A.going B. to go C.go D.gone 54. It is fairly common in Africa for _______ a group of musicians surrounded by others who also join in the performances. A. there are B. there being C. there to be D. there be 55.1. Mother told Jim to watch the milk until it boiled and then ______ off the gas. A. turn B. turning C. turned D. having turned 56. The fire caused by the dry climate, which proved later the strongest one in the area, _____ quickly, and destroyed the forest. A.to spread B.spreading C.spread D.to have spread 57._____ the two designs ,and you will find what problem there is with yours. A.Comparing B.Compared C.To compare D.Compare 58. These books tell moving stories_____to lift the spirits of readers. A. meant B. planned C. thought D. managed 59. A simple 45-minute operation ___ by scientists is hoped to cure blindness in six years. A. being developed B.developed C. to develop D. developing 60. When_____about his comments on the mine accident, the boss said much remained to be done to make it clear. A.asking B.asked C.being asked D.to be asked 61. Chinese exports have been hit hard by falling world demand, with millions of workers _______ to their villages after the factories that employed them closed down. A. returned B. returning C. have returned D. return 62. ___ each other for long , the two brothers decided to meet soon. A. Not having seen B. Not seen C. Have not seen D. Not seeing 63.All her time _______ research, the scientist has no time for films. A.devoted to do B.is devoted to doingC.devoting to doing D.devoted to doing 64.____ore time. we could have done the job better, A. Given B. To give C. Giving D. Having given 65.A few days after the interview, I received a letter ____ me admission to the university. A.offering B.offered C.having offered D. to be offered 66. _____the advantages against the disadvantages, I decided to take up the job as a clerk in the bank. A. To weigh B. WeighingC. Weighed D. Having weighed 4

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