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新时代研究生综合英语课后翻译答案 Unit One 1. I don’t put much stock in the idea of luck. I think that usually things go well or not so well for people based on their actions. I believe that for the most part you create your own luck by working hard, practicing self-discipline, remaining persistent, and making personal growth a daily priority. 我不相信幸运这一类事情 . 我认为大多数时候事情发展地顺利或不顺利主要因为人们自己 的行为. 我相信大多数的情况下你可以通过努力工作 , 自我约束, 坚持不懈, 把个人的发展 作为每天必考虑的事情等方面创造自己的幸运. 2. Most careers involve other people. You can have great academic intelligence and still lack social intelligence---the ability to be a good listener, to be sensitive toward others, to give and take criticism well. 许多的职业都包含其他人(的参与). 你可能具有超强的学术能力, 然而缺 少社交能力 , 即有能力倾听别人 , 对其他人(的反应) 敏感 , 甚至游刃有余地给出或吸纳批 评. 3. If your circumstances constantly get you down, then maybe it’s time for a change---not in your situation, but in your attitude. If you can learn to make the best of any situation, you can remove a formidable obstacle that stands between you and your dreams. 如果你周边的环境经常让你意志消沉 , 也许你的确该改变一下了 , 可能不是改变你的位置 , 但至少是你的态度. 如果你能学会很好地利用任何情况, 你就能消除掉挡在你和你梦想之间 的可怕的障碍. 4. Anybody can make an honest mistake when things are hectic. But people lacking focus have trouble not because they’re too busy, but because their priorities are not of whack. And that wastes their time and resources. 任何人在忙忙碌碌的时候都会犯错误 . 但是注意力不集中的人经常遇到麻烦不是因为他们 太忙了, 而是因为他们缺乏优先考虑的事情. 这样, 不仅浪费了他们的时间, 也浪费了资源. 5. If you resist change, you’re really resisting success. Learn fexibility, or learn to like living with your failures. 如果你拒绝变化, 你就是拒绝成功. 学会机动灵活, 否则就得学会习惯忍受失败. 6. The greater your talent, the more likely you are to lean heavily on it and skip the hard day-to-day work of improving it. If you possess this negative tendency, put yourself on a growth plan so that you can make the most of your God-given talent. 你的天分越大, 你就有可能越倚赖于天分, 甚至跳过日复一日完善它的艰苦工作. 如果你有 了这样消极的倾向, 给自己定一个进步计划, 这样你就能充分利用好上帝给你的天赋. Unit Two 1.Teachers and professors too often are portrayed as idealists living in an ivory tower who are out of touch with real world. They are accused of emphasizing academic skills or studies that do not relate directly to helping a person move closer to a prospective job or career. 老师、教授常被描述成生活在象牙塔中的理想主义者,他们脱离实际,人们指责他们只强调 学力和学业,而这些对帮助学生将来求职或就业并无直接关系。

2.The justification for a university is that it preserves the connection between knowledge and the zest of life, by uniting the young and the old in the imaginative consideration of learning. 大学之所以存在, 是因为它在人们富于想象力的学习中成为老少两代人之间的纽带, 因而保 持了知识和生活热情之间的联系。

3.We must make each student begin to see his or her place as a small, but vital, link in a continuous chain of humanity that began thousands of years ago and stretches on well into the future. 我们必须使每个学生开始明白:他/ 她在人类连绵不断的链条上只是其中的一环,这一环虽 小,却至关重要。


4.Life does not consist of taking courses in small segments. A productive life consists of finding huge tasks and mastering them with whatever tools of intelligence and energy we have. We are going to turn you loose on some huge tasks. Let’s see what you can do with them. 人生(的意义)不在于支离破碎地学习一些课程;充实的人生应该是发现艰巨(/更大)的 任务并用我们掌握的智慧和能量作为工具, 来完成这些任务。

我们准备放手让你们来完成一 些艰巨的任务。


5. Let us create environments where our students can grow and emerge as creative and thinking persons---individuals who know history, philosophy, religion, literature, etc. After all, these are the “liberalizing arts”, the studies that liberate the mind and send it questing on strange and alluring adventures. 让我们为学生营造环境,使他们成长并出落成为有创造性、有思想的人,成为一群懂历史、 哲学、宗教、文学等、有个性的个体。

毕竟,这些都是“人文研究学科(/人性化的学科)”, 学习它们可以解放思想,有助于学生对陌生且引人入胜的事物的探求。

6.If we accept what Upham says, and we are committed to preparing our students for the real world beyond graduation, then there can be a promising future for theliberal arts in this growing age of technology. 如果我们可以接受乌帕姆所讲的话, 我们就有义务帮助学生面对他们毕业后所接触的真实的 世界。


Unit Three 1. Indeed, globalization became the “grand strategy” of the Clinton istration, which envisioned the U.S. elite being the primus inter pares -- first among equals --- of a global coalition leading the way to the new, benign world order. 的确,全球化成为克林顿的“大战略”,视美国精英为能建立新的良性世界秩序的全球联 盟中的首席—同等者之首。

2. “Trade liberalization has stalled, aid is less coherent than it should be, and the next financial conflagration will be managed by an injured fireman.” “贸易自由化陷入停顿,援助也未按计划贯穿始终,扑救下次金融大火的将是一位自身负伤 的消防员。

” 3. There has been too much dissonance between the promise of globalization and free trade and the actual results of neoliberal policies, which have been more poverty, inequality, and stagnation. 全球化和自由贸易许诺的美好前景与新自由主义贸易政策的实际结果有着太多的不一致, 新 自由主义贸易政策带来的是加倍的贫困、更高程度的不平等和更严重的经济停滞。

4. These agreements are in many ways more dangerous than the multilateral negotiations at the WTO since they often require greater concessions in terms of market access and tighter enforcement of intellectual property rights. 这些协议常要求就市场准入做出更大的让步、 对知识产权实施更严格的保护, 因此在许多方 面比世贸组织的多边谈判更加危险.

5.Fifteen years since it was trumpeted as the wave of the future, globalization seems to have been a “brave new phase” of the capitalist adventure than a desperate effort by global capital to escape the stagnation and disequilibria overtaking the global economy in the 1970s and 1980s. The collapse of the centralized socialist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe deflected people’s attention from this reality in the early 1990s. 自从全球化被鼓吹为大势所趋以来, 时间已经过去了十五个年头。

全球化似乎并不是资本家 探索开拓的“大胆的新阶段”, 更多的倒是全球资本为摆脱上世纪七八十年代席卷全球经济的 经济发展的停滞和不均衡所做的孤注一掷的努力。

二十世纪九十年代早期中东欧集权的 社会主义国家的把人们的注意力从这一事实上转移开去。

6. The urgent task is not to steer corporate-driven globalization in a “social democratic” direction but to manage its retreat so that it does not bring about the same chaos and runaway conflicts that marked its demise in that earlier era. 迫切的任务并非将受公司驱动的全球化转为 “社会民主”方向,而是要妥善应付它的衰退趋 势,使其不再引起与其早期消亡标志相同的混乱和失控的。

Unit Four 1、We should be concerned, but if the istration, the Federal Reserve and the Congress act responsibly, the dollar should be near its bottom and begin to rise against most foreign currencies. 我们该担心。

但如果、美联储和国会采取负责任的行动,美元应已接近价格谷底且对大 多数外币开始升值。

2、 Many believe---and some evidently hope---that the greenback might be on its way out as an international currency. Worrying parallels are seen between the dollar’s recent fall and the decline of sterling as a reserve currency half a century ago. 许多人相信——部分人显然 希望——美元作为国际货币会逐步退出历史舞台。

人们从美元近期的走弱和半个世纪前英镑 作为国际储备货币的走弱之间看到了同样令人担忧的事情。

3、 The dollar has weathered these storms. But now it faces a nasty squall that combines both cyclical and structural blasts. Its decline in the past five years has imposed a huge capital loss on foreign-exchange reserves. If this becomes too painful, central banks may be tempted to cut their losses and dump their dollars, causing a slump in the currency’s value. 美元安然度过了这三次风暴。

然而, 美元当下面临的强大风暴却是众多周期性气流和结构性 气流的结合体。

过去 5 年之中,美元的下跌令全球外汇储备遭受了巨大的资本损失。

如果这 种损失(造成的痛苦)过于严重,各国央行可能会考虑止损、抛售美元,这势必会导致美元 暴跌。

4、 Reserves are held to buttress confidence in a country’s own currency, not as a float for global trading. As a backstop, reserves need to be easily convertible ( so they can be used as an emergency source of liquidity ) and a good store of value. 各国持有外汇储备是为了加强对本 币的信心,而不是为了将其作为外贸支付手段。

因此,作为应急预防措施,储备货币应易于 兑换(以便在紧急情况下流动资金) ,并应具备良好的保值能力。

5、 Despite the anxiety and gloom, some straws in the wind suggest that the dollar’s decline may soon slow. In the past few weeks it has regained groung against a handful of important currencies, including the pound and the Australian dollar.


在过去几周 中,在和包括英镑和澳元在内的几种主要货币的兑换中,美元已经回稳获利。

(已重新取得 优势地位) 6、 On the eve of the First World War, when Britain was the greatest trading power, the pound’s share in official currency reserves was all but matched by the combined share of the French franc and German mark. After the war a three-way split was maintained, with the dollar replacing the mark. 一战爆发前夜,英国是头号贸易强国,英镑在官方外汇储备中的份额则与法国法郎、德国马 克的份额之和大致相当。

战后全球储备依然维持了三分天下的局面, 只是美元取代了马克的 地位。

Unit Seven 1. There is today, quite rightly, a growing concern for our environment and a genuine fear that, if we do not change our ways right now, the damage we will inflict on our planet will render it incapable of sustaining-for future generations-the economy we have grown accustomed to over the better part of the past two centuries. 当今人们对环境的关注日益加深,也真正开始担忧:如果我们不立即改变自己的方式,我们 给这个星球带来的损害将使其无法维系 —对子孙后代而言—我们在过去两个世纪大部分时 间内已经逐步习惯的经济水平。

2. That the earth and its resources do not belong to us and are not ours to squander without thought for the future is not proving an easy lesson for us to learn, but we are gradually succeeding---or, at least, waking up to the enormity of the task that confronts us. 地球及其资源不属于我们, 也不是我们可以不考虑将来就能任意挥霍的东西, 这一点并没有 被证明是我们可以容易接受的教训,但是我们正在逐渐走向成功——或者说,至少我们正在 明白我们所面临的任务的艰巨性。

3. The pressure is mounting for every potential polluter, every user of energy and every conspicuous contributor to climate change and global warming to clean up their act and adopt greener practices. The transport industry is no exception to such scrutinyand pressure; indeed, it seems to attract more than its fair share of attentionin this regard-certainly enough to ensure that environmental concerns are now high on the agenda in all of its sectors. 所有潜在的污染者、 所有的能源使用者和所有可能造成显著气候变化和全球变暖的企业都在 承受越来越大的环保压力,而这使得他们净化自己的行为、采取更加环保的措施。

运输业也 不例外,同样受到这方面的监督和压力;的确,它在这点上吸引的关注似乎多于应得的—当 然足以确保对环境的关注现在是其所有部门的最高议程。

4. IMO’s environmental work in recent years has covered a remarkably broad canvas, embracing everything, from the quality of our atmosphere to the microscopic aquatic life-forms that can be transported around the world in ships’ ballast water and depositedin alien local ecosystems where, by disrupting their delicate balance, they can cause immense damage. 国际海事组织近年来的环境工作涉及面十分广泛,包括了从大气质量到微型水生物的一切。

船舶压舱水中的微型水生物可能会被带到世界各地, 进入不同的局部生态系统, 破坏其脆弱 的平衡,造成极大破坏。

5. IMO’s work in this respect must be part of a broad-based effort in which everyone has a responsibility and everyone has a role to play, a concept precisely reflected in the well-known environmental call to action “think globally-act locally”.

国际海事组织在这方面的工作必定是无限努力中的一部分, 其中所有人都承担着责任, 又都 发挥着作用,恰如众所周知的环保行动倡议“思想全球化,行动本土化”所反映的观念。

6. And in the long term, society will need to address its own priorities and understand that nothing comes for nothing and that there will be prices and sacrifices that we must be prepared to pay and make, for the greater good of all. 从长远来看,社会需要解决自身的优先问题并理 解不劳则无获/天上不会掉馅饼/,每一分成果都需要付出代价,为了全体的更大利益,我们 必须准备好付出代价并做出牺牲。

Unit Eight 1. When dusk had fallen, I should experience the double delight of being able to see by artificial light which the genius of man has created to extend the power of his sight when Nature decrees darkness. 黄昏降临时, 我该感受到双倍的愉快, 因为能看到人造的光芒, 这是人类的天才创造出来的, 当大自然黑暗降临之时,以延展他的视力。

2. Hear the music of voices, the song of a bird, the mightly strains of an orchestra, as if you would be stricken deaf tomorrow. Touch each object you want to touch as if tomorrow your tactile sense would fail. Smell the perfume of flowers, taste with relish each morsel, as if tomorrow you could never smell and taste again. 去听悦耳的乐声,鸟儿的鸣唱,乐队的强劲旋律,就好像你明天就遭致失聪一样。

去触摸你 想摸的每个物体,就像你明天触觉意识会失灵一样。

去闻花朵的芳香,津津有味地去尝美味 佳肴,就好像你明天会再也不能闻到,尝到一样。

3. The first day I devoted to my friends, animate and inanimate. The second revealed to me the history of man and Nature. Today I shall spend in the workaday world of the present, amid the haunts of men going about the business of life. 第一天我献给了我的朋友们,有生命的和无生 命的。


今天我将在当今的平凡世界里度过,在为生活 事务忙碌的人们常去的地方度过。

4. Yet, those who have eyes apparently see little---the paporama of color and action which fills the world is taken for granted. It is human, perhaps, to appreciate little that which we have and to long for that which we have not, but it is a great pity that in the world of light the gift of sight is used only as a mere convenience rather than as a means of adding fullness to life. 然而,那些能看见的人明显地看得很少,充满世间的色彩和动作的景象被当成理所当然,或 许, 这是人性共有的特点; 对我们具有的不怎么欣赏, 而对我们不具有的却渴望得到。

然而, 这是一个极大的遗憾,在光明的世界里,视力的天赋仅仅作为一种方便之用,而没有作为增 添生活美满的手段。

5. Court records reveal every day how inaccurately eyewitnesses see. A given event will be seen in several different ways by as many witnesses. Some see more than others, but few see everything that is within the range of their vision. 法庭记录每天都显露出“见证人”看得多不准确。

一个特定的,要被尽可能多的人从几个 不同的方面去“看到”,有些人看得比另一些人要多些,而没有几个人看到了在他们的视线范 围内的所有。

6. Some sights are pleasant, filling the heart with happiness; but some are miserably pathetic. To these latter I do not shut me eyes, for they, too, are part of life. To close the eye on them is to close the heart and mind. 有些景象是愉快的, 让心里充满快乐, 而有些是悲惨的, 对这些事, 我并不闭上我的眼睛,因为这也是生活的一部分,对此闭起双目就是关闭起心灵与头脑。

Unit Nine 1. Acquaintances recount his uncanny ability to calculate columns of numbers off the top of his head--- a feat Warren still amazes business colleagues with today. 认识他的人都会谈到他非凡的计算能力, 能够不假思索地计算出一列又一列数字的总值—— 沃伦的这个本领现在依然令他的同事们惊叹不已。

2. Warren Buffett approached graduate studies with the same resistance he displayed a few years earlier. 他在考虑读研究生时又显示出与几年前相同的抗拒。

3. One of his best known calls was the Northern Pipe Line, an oil transportation company managed by the Rockefellers. 他最著名的一次要求收兑债券是“北方管道”,一家由洛克菲勒家族管理的石油运输公司。

4. Shortly thereafter, he waged a proxy war and secured a spot on the Board of Directors. 此后不 久,他发起了一场代理(人)战争,并在董事会获得一席之地。

5. Absolutely determined, Buffett offered to work for the Graham partnership for free. Ben turned him down. He preferred to hold his spots for jews who were not hired at Gentile firms at the time. Warren was crushed. 巴菲特非常坚决地表示想要无偿为(Granham )格雷厄姆合伙企业工作,本拒绝了他。

本 更希望将他公司里的职位留给犹太人, 在当时犹太人不能在非犹太人的公司谋职。

沃伦受到 了打击。

6. A somewhat-celebrity in his hometown, Warren never gave stock tips despite constant requsts from friends and strangers alike. 他在家乡也算是一个名人, 尽管朋友和陌生人经常要求他给出一些股票方面的建议, 他却从 不发表这方面的建议。

Unit Ten 1.She has an extremely job, which she happens to do very well. My wife’s the one who, on occasion, has to bring the NASA chief back to Earth. She kind of shook her head. She told me that MIT’s past commencement speakers have been some of the world ’s most powerful people. 她的工作很艰巨, 可她恰恰能做好。

我的妻子就是有把国家航空航天局局长从幻想中拉回现 实的那个人。

她微微摇了摇头, 她告诉我说麻省理工以前在毕业典礼上讲话的人都是一些在 世界上最有的人。

2. “You know NASA is famous for fitting a square peg into a round hole. Well, at MIT those outstanding technologists somehow managed to precariously balance an eight-foot anvil weighting 48 units on top of the Great Dome.”I said,“Don ’t worry,honey. These areMy people.” “你要知道航天局以与外界格格不入而闻名。

在麻省理工,那些了不起的技术专家设法将重 达 48 单位的 8 英尺高的铁块玄玄乎乎的安放在大楼的圆顶上。



3.Contrary to what many of you are thinking, I’m not wearing this because I lost some cruel bet. And I’m not wearing it because I’m the victim of the latest MIT hack. At least not yet. 与你们许多人所认为的相反, 我不是因为打赌输了才穿这件学袍, 也不是因为我成了最新的

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