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英语谈论天气常用句子 来源:第一口语网 (www.1speaking.com) 询问天气: What's the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样? What's the weather like in winter in beijing? 冬天天气怎么样? What's it like outside today? 今天外面天气怎么样? How is the weather tomorrow? 明天的天气怎么样? What's the weather going to be tomorrow? 明天天气怎样? What does the weather forecast say? 天气预报怎么说的? Have you heard the weather forecast? 你听天气预报了吗? What's the weather report for tomorrow? 天气预报明天怎么样? What will it be after the clear weather? 晴天以后天气怎么样? Is the weather always like this? 天气老是这样的吗? Is it always as hot as this? 天气总是这样热吗? Do you like the weather here? 你喜欢这儿的天气吗? What do you think of the weather here? 你觉得这儿的天气怎么样? Which seasins dou you like best? 你最喜欢哪个季节? What's your favorite season? 你最喜欢哪个季节? 谈论好天气: What a nice day! 多好的天气呀! What great weather we're having today! 今天天气真好! It's a beautiful/lovely day. 今天是个好天气

It's Sunny 是晴天 It's cool/warm/pleasant 天气很凉爽/温暖/舒适 It's very crisp and cool 天气干爽 Today is a sunny day 今天真是阳光灿烂的一天 The sun is shining 阳光明媚 The weather is much better than yesterday 天气比昨天好多了 The air is warm,but there's a nice breeze 空气很热,但是有怡人的微风 It's going to be fine tomorrow 明天将会有好天气 we'll have fine weather for the next few days 以后几天天气晴朗 I hope the weather will stay this way 我希望这种天气持续下去 It's good to see the sun again 真是太好了,太阳又出来了 Lovely weather,isn't it? 天气真好,是吗? Fine day,isn't it? 今天是个好天气,是吧? 谈论不好的天气: The weather is terrible 天气真糟糕 The weather forecast says it isn't good 天气预报说今天天气不好 谈论气温: What's the temperature? 温度是多少? It will get warmer as the day goes by 天气会一天天地变暖和 Spring is warm 春天是温暖的 It's a warm day 是温暖的天气

It's warmer than yesterday (今天)比昨天暖和 How hot is it outside? 外面有多热? It's so hot/cold 是如此的热/冷 It's burning hot! 燃烧般的热! It's Africa hot 非洲般的热 It's very sultry 天气非常的闷热 It's extremely hot and muggy 天气非常炎热闷人 It's blazing hot outside 外面很炽热 With all this moisture,it feels very muggy outside 由于湿气很重,外面很闷热 I felt like I was roasting inside house 在屋里我觉得跟火烤一样 This morning is cooler than expected 今天早上比预计的要凉快 It's cools down in the fall 到了秋天天气渐渐凉了 I hope the weather there is cold enough 我希望那儿天气够冷 The temperature has dropped a lot today. 今天温度低多了 It's going to get cold fast 天气很快会变冷的 It's a little bit chilly out 外面有点寒冷 It's freezing outside 外面很冷 It's twenty degrees Centigrade today 今天是摄氏二十度 The temperature will drop below zero 气温将降到零度以下 It's two below zero. 零下二度。

It's seven degrees below zero. 今天是零下七度。

(摄氏) You know global warming may raise the temperature 你知道全球变暖会使气温上

升 谈论雨天: as long as it doesn't rain 只要不下雨就行 It's going to be cloudy tomorrow 明天将是阴天 It looks like rain. 看起来要下雨 I guess it's going to tain 我想要下雨了 The paper says it might rain this evening 报纸说今天傍晚可能要下雨 It's wet and cloudy 天气潮湿阴沉 It's rainy and wet 天下雨并且潮湿 Oh,the rain is coming down 呕,雨已经下下来了 It's drizzling/sprinkling outside 外面在下毛毛雨 It's really raining 雨下的可真大 It's raining pretty hard right now 现在雨下得很大 The rain is pouring down 大雨倾盆而下 It's coming down outside 外面在下倾盆大雨 It's raining cats and dogs. 天正下瓢泼大雨 It's raining buckets 雨量像水桶倒出来一样 It's thundering and lightening. 雷电交加 I hope the rain will stop soon 我希望这场雨会很快停下来 The rain seems to be stopping 雨看来渐渐停了 It'll clear up soon 天很快就会放晴 It seems to be cleaning up. 天似乎要转晴

Some of the street are almost flooded with rain 有些街道几乎被雨水淹了 We had a lot of rain this winter though 但是我们今年冬天下了很多雨 谈论刮风: I think there will be a strong wind 我想可能要刮大风了 Today's a windy day 今天外面刮大风 It's a windy day 刮风了 It's blowing hard. 风刮得很大 谈论雪天: It's rainy/cloudy/windy/snowy/wet/dry. 今天是雨天/阴天/刮风/下雪/潮湿/干燥。

I'm afraid it won't be cold enough for a snowfall 我恐怕天不会冷的下雪 It's starting to snow outside 外面开始下雪了 It's snowing heavily. 正在下大雪。

The snow won’t last long. 雪不会持续太久。

How much snow do you have in the winter in this area? 你们这个地区冬天下多少 雪? The average snowfall each year is about two feet 每年平均降雪量大约两英尺 谈论雾天: It's very foggy. 雾很大。

The fog is beginning to lift. 正在收雾。


Spring is from March to may 春季是从三月到五月 According to the morning weather forecast 根据早上的天气预报 It's quite different from the weather report. 这和天气预报相差很大。

It's rather changeable. 天气变化无常。

表示天气的词 Freakish weather 反常天气 wild weather 暴风雨天气 villainous weather/ vile weather 坏天气 shivery weather 寒冷天气 propitious weather 好天气 muggy weather 闷热天气 fine 晴天 cloudy 多云 snowy windy rainy foggy drifting snow 飘雪 mostly sunny 晴时多云 clear 晴朗 partly cloudy 局部多云 dust 灰尘 Fair 晴 chilly 寒冷 smoke 烟雾 snow/rain icy mix 冰雨加雪 fog 雾 haze 薄雾 hail 冰雹

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