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新视野大学英语第二版视听说教程 4 答案 Unit1 Basic listening practice CB DAD Listening in > Task 1 ACDCB Listening in > Task 2 1.families 2.chemicals 3.information 4.certain 5.self-esteen 6.thinking partterns 7.mood 8.divorce 9.physical abuse 10.financial difficulties 11.stress 12.anxiety Listening in > Task 3 BDAAC Let's talk > Task 1 1.shy 2.crying 3.scared 4.came down 5.fun 6.nice 7.two step 8.argue 9.touch 10.bad time 11.speak 12.comfortable 13.brother 14.adults 15.children 16.secondary 17.growing 18.learn Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1.owner 2.running 3.drop 4.run 5.local 6.yelling 7.lives 8.As he’s picking himself up, he sees a large man, almost seven feet tall. 9.The bartender nervously hands the big man a beer, hands shaking. 10.”I got to get out of town! Don’t you hear Big John is coming Task 2 ABCCD Task 3

ABBAB Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 1.seven 2.150 3.favorite 4.bridge 5.111 6.fast 7.simple 8.trusted 9.stupid 10.did 11.No way 12.ultimate 13.limits 14.skywards 15.$60 16.cheap Unit test Part I CDBCD Part II 1. over 2. companionship 3. lover 4.definition. 5. scarce 6. diary 7. sight 8. Thank God, I've done my duty 9. In a workforce made up entirely of happy people, the competitive edge would soon be lost 10.It may take centuries before philosophers and scientists can arrive at a clear definition of happiness BAD CC ADCA B C DBAA Unit2 Lead in > Task 1 fdaehIbcj BA C DB Listening in > Task 1 CAA DB Task 2 1.the end

2. discounts 3. T-shirts 4. big-name brands 5. Interchangeable pieces 6. black trousers 7. several times 8. simplest 9. stylish and fashionable Task 3 ABACD Let's talk > Task 1 1.wealthy 2.clothing styles 3.figure 4.slimmer 5.construction 6.light 7.larger 8.formal 9.brightly colored 10.the rich and the poor 11.one class 12.occasions 13.Poorer people Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 CAABA Task 2 BABAB Task3 1.She chose two colors, then built her wardrobe around them. 2.She has a pair of black dress slacks, with black shoes to match. If she wears that with her turquoise silk blouse and a matching necklace and earrings, she will look dressed up. 3.If she wears a T-shirt with the black dress slacks, she is more casual. 4.If she brings a pashmina, or another dress scarf, she can dress up the T-shirt into casual chic. 5.Her suitcase will be nearly empty, with lots of room for shopping. Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 1.combining clothing with new technology 2.brand-new style 3.new industrial design solutions 4.electronics and fashion 5.into your collar 6.went into partnership with 7.bring them together

8.the modern-day worker 9.600 pounds 10.to what we might expect Unit 2 test 1.C B C B D 2. (1). contest (2). queens (3).outgoing (4).cheers (5). title (6.) tours (7). performed (8). A beautiful woman has very great powers to convince, and we have seen many misses who have done a great job (9). Women's liberation organizations in the United States regularly demonstrate in protest outside Miss America and Miss World contests (10). All the same, some Australians were hoping the two-hour show would draw world attention to the beauty of their country and attract tourists 3.A D C B B 4.C D A D D B C B D B Unit3 Lead in > Task 1 Drought Earthquake Flood Forest fire Landslide Snowstorm Tsunami Typhoon V olcanic eruption Basic listening practice DACDC Listening in > Task 1 BCADC Task 1 BBABA Task 3 1.drought 2.tsunami 3.undersea 4.result in 5.dry spell

6.flood 7.water supplies 8.famine 9.agriculture 10.heavy rainfall 11.melting 12.swell 13.man-made dams Let's talk > Task 1 1.erupted 2.burying 3.few 4.overseas 5.rescue 6.injured 7.damaged 8.islanders 9.seven / 7 10.biggest 11.close 12.aftershocks 13.trap 14.20 million pounds 15.disease Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 BADAC Task 2 1.Since the company was composed entirely of men over 65, there was doubt that they would be of any assistance. But the farmer called the company anyway because the fire proved to be more than the small town fire department could handle, and there was no other help available. 2.The truck drove straight toward the fire and, instead of stopping in front of the fire, drove right into the middle of the flames. 3.After an hour of intense fighting, they had extinguished the fire. 4.He presented the volunteer fire company with a check for $10,000. 5.The captain said, "The first thing we're going to do is to get the brakes fixed on that stupid fire truck." That suggests that they drove right into the middle of the flames because of useless brakes rather than bravery. Task 3 ABCDC Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 1.rescued 2.worst flooding 3.surprise 4.flooded

5.my son's 6.crews 7.burst 8.hit 9.save 10.high tide 11.furniture 12.normal 13.computer system 14.drugs 15.heavy Unit 3 test 1.A C C D D 2. at section connects bottom shining As Cross Ten minutes later, as we were looking out the window, we saw everyone was running away from something A huge flood was streaming down the mountain. We were standing on a higher place, so we could see everything It was reported that the flood destroyed a big area and approximately 300 people were killed or disappeared that day 3. ABBDC 4.B DA C C D A B D A Unit4 Listening in > Task 2 1.Relationships 2.marketing manager 3.in conflict with 4.expenses 5.ended in vain 6.training istrator 7.visited 8.establish closer relationships 9.long-term 10.picked up Task 3 CDDCA Let's talk > Task 1

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