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半期考试 I. Multiple choice. A) Choose the similar word or phrase for the underlined part. ( )1. Many men enjoy reading real stories about real people’s lives. A.dramas B.chronicles C.biographies D.interviews ( )2.There are many different kinds of hobbies in the world. A. a few B.a little C.a number of D.a wide variety of ( )3.When I am free, I often spend time with my flowers and plants. A.At the leisure B.In my leisure C.In my spare time D.At my spare time ( )4.-You take extra classes from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Do you like them? -Not at all! In fact, my parents ask me to do so. A.Actually B.Mostly C.Usually D.Finally ( )5.Would you like to become a member of our company? A.return B.join C.join in D.return to B) Choose the best answers to fill in the blanks. (20’) ( )6. Ian doesn’t have _______breakfast while Jenny only has ______small one. A./, a B./, / C.a, / D.a, a ( )7.-Where are the Greens? Why aren’t they at home? -Perhaps they’re ________holiday. A.in B.on C.on the D.in the ( )8.The blind can’t see, but ______hear as well as normal people. A.he can B.he can’t C.they can D.they can’t ( )9.Billie Schacht was born _______ a farm _______1916. A.in, at B.on, at C.in, in D.on, in ( )10.-_______do British people change the clock? -Twice a year. A.When B.What time C.How often D.How many times ( )11.-Where _______you when I went to your home this morning? -I ________out shopping for lunch. A.are, am B.was, was C.were, was D.were, were ( )12.The local government _______the public _______life-long education. A.offers, for B.offers, to C.provides, for D.provides, with ( )13. My computer doesn’t work. I think it needs ________. A.to fix B.fixing C.fixed D.fix ( )14.When British people begin a letter with “Dear Sir/Madam”, they would end the letter with “_________”. A.Yours B.Love C.Best wishes D.Yours faithfully ( )15.I often spent a few hours _______in the sofa to relax myself. A.sitting B.to sit C.sit D.sat ( )16.The movie is quite long, _______I think it is very interesting. A. and B.so C.because D.but ( )17. I love going to the ________, although it’s quite dry with little rain. It feels as if you were the only one in this golden world. A.forest B.desert C.seaside D.mountains ( )18. Children are often asked _______TV for too long, because it’s bad for their eyes. A.to watch B.not to watch C.watching D.not watching ( )19. It is Chengdu _______our school is situated. A.where B.that C.which D./ ( )20.-What _______is Children’s Day this year? 1

( ( ( ( -It is _________Sunday. A.date,/ B.day, / C.day, a D.date, a )21. A large number of students _______to study in our school and the number of the students taking part in our entrance exams ______often over ten thousand every year. A.want is B.wants, is C.want, are D.wants, are )22.-Sue, do you know where Sandy is? -Sandy ________basketball in the playground, Miss William. A.plays B.is playing C.plays the D.is playing the )23.Sesame Street, The American TV series, _______in China now. A.show B.shows C.are shown D.is shown )24.-How well can you speak English? -_________. My English teacher thinks that I was born to speak this language. A.Very well B.Just so-so C.A little D.Not at all )25.Many Japanese comics(漫画) are so ______that many Chinese people are ______in them,but i doesn’t mean we Chinese think some of their politicians’ opinion are correct. A.creative,interesting B.boring, interested C.creative, interested D.boring, interesting )26.-Don’t you think the movie Captain America is great fun? -________. I love it very much. A.No, I think so. B.No, I don’t think so C.Yes, I think so. D.Yes, I don’t think so. )27.-Is ________OK? -I’m afraid _______is OK. A.anything, everything B.everything, everything C.anything, nothing D.everything, nothing )28.Many English teachers in our school arrives ________school early _______. A.at, every day B.in, every day C.in, everyday D.at, everyday )29.The hardworking athlete practiced_______ for hours and didn’t stop ______ a rest. A.running, having B.to run, having C.to run, to have D.running, to have )30. Most of the time, the small shop ______early at about 8 a.m, but today it’s 9 a.m, it ___. A.is open, is still closed B.is open, still closes C.opens, is still closed D.opens, still closes ( ( ( ( ( ( Part B I. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given in the brackets. (5’) 1. Look at her sweet smile, can you refuse _________her? (help) 2. It is said that people in Chengdu lead a very _______and casual life. (relax) 3. The little girl has no parents. So she has to learn to lo0k after ________(she) 4. When Maria visited Dublin, she lived in Rosie’s ________home and she thought they were wonderful people. (parent) 5. Julia, would you like to go _________ with me tonight? (run) 6. On the 8th of March 2014, a plane ______MH370 from Malaysia went missing. We really wish its passengers all the best. 7. Shirley was born in 1999, that is to say, she was born in the _________century. (twenty) 8. The Forbidden City _________as it was in the past. Visitors can imagine what kind of life the royal family lived in the past. (decorate) 9. Paper making is one of China’s greatest ________. It plays a very important part in the history of human. (invent) 10. We are in Junior Two now. And one year ________,some of us will leave CDFLS; some will stay. It all depends on how hard we study now. (late) 11. As a bus driver, my brother understands many _______problems. (machine) 12. Cristiano Robaldo is a Portuguese footballer, but now he plays for a ________football team--Real Madrid. 13. Friends are very important. We can’t live happily ________them. (with) 2

14. -Who ________you in your primary school, Billy? -Miss William did. (teach) 15. Many people think they can learn English well ________by reciting new lessons or doing grammar exercises, but what they don’t know is that only practice makes perfect. (simple) II. Pattern shift. (10’) 1.Babies can’t smile when they are just born. =Babies can’t smile ________ _________. 2.I stayed in bed until lunchtime this morning. =I ________ ________ ________ until lunchtime this morning. 3.We have a lot of good students. They come from different parts of Sichuan. =We have a lot of good students _________from different parts of Sichuan. 4.Why don’t you take an interesting course in your spare time? =Why ________ _________ an interesting course in your spare time? 5.This tree is sixteen feet. It’s really tall. =This is _________ _________tree. It’s really tall. 6.The river is too wide for us to swim across. (rewrite the sentence with “so..that”) __________________________________________________________________________ 7.Six queens of England lived in the Castle. (Emphasize the underlined part) __________________________________________________________________________ 8.China is a very important country in today’s world. (Exclamatory sentence) __________________________________________________________________________ 9.The air became fresh after the heavy rain. (Change it into a negative sentence) __________________________________________________________________________ 10.The national bank stays open until 5 P.M. (raise a question) __________________________________________________________________________ III. Find out the five mistakes. Our School was built in 1950, and now it had over 5000 ______________ Students some from all over China. It’s a very beautiful school and ______________ It is situated in west of Chengdu. Students of our school are all intelligent ______________ But teachers of our school are all hard-working. English is the speciality of ______________ Our school. They speak English so good that many people think they are ______________ From English-speaking countries. ______________ IV. Complete the dialogues. (5’) Receptionist: Chengdu Foreign Language School. Can I help you? Caller: Oh, hello. I’d like to ___1____to Mr. Duan, please. Receptionist: I’m _____2___he’s not in the office at the moment. Can I take a ____3____? Caller: Yes. I have __4___very important to tell her. Can you ask him to ___5____me this morning, after eight? Receptionist:_____6_____. And you’re Ms.....? Caller: I am Michelle Obama. O-B-A-M-A. Receptionist: Can I have your ____7____, please? Caller: Yes. It’s 202-463-7552. Receptionist: Thank you. Is there anything ___8____? Caller: No, that’s all. _____9____ a lot. Receptionist: Don’t ____10______it. V. Read the passage and fill the blanks according to the first letter of the word given. In Look Ahead One, we met a lot of new friends. Jenny is a sound e________working with m_______. Ian is an i________. The l_______thing He’s working on is a soft picture frame. Mary-Lou Hoebee works in a b_________center. It’s a place where a number of 3

offices are always f________. Tom Hall is interviewing a woman named Sarah Peters. She has a d_________in marketing and wants to work in London. Caroll Spinney works with puppets. He believes that he has a r________to children watching his TV program. Caitlin Moran doesn’t go to school, her parents e_______her at home. And she became a famous writer at the a________of 16. Rick Alan l_______his left arm in an a_______, but later he r______his feet could do a lot of work of his arm. His friend d_________an e_______drum kit so that he could p_________with his band again. In one concert, everyone was so kind that he cr. He was w_________about the water under the system. And Louis Braille went b_______when was 3. But they never give up trying so that they both became w_______. People all over the world know them because they are brave enough to face their problems and difficulties. There are also some interesting places in this book. Maria went to Dublin. She loved its pubs with their music and friendly a________. Leeds Castle was r________palace. It r_________private until 1976. Rita enjoyed her journey in France. The w_______was good. Only one day was terrible. Helen likes the seaside in the south of Portugal. The sea is s________there and it’s important to her, because she can’t swim. Rob’s p______holiday place is in the forest. He likes camping there. Well, there are still more interesting people and things in Look Ahead One waiting you to discover. See you after the exam! By the way, wish you guys good luck in this test! There are only two more exercises to go. Cheer up and keep on moving! VI. Choose 10 from the 12 words in the box to complete the passage with their proper forms. Each word can be used only once. Are you looking for a holiday now or ___1____one for the future? Is it hard to make a decision? Not today! Today I will help you make the right ____2_____. First let’s look at three of the hottest destination of all: No 1 The Maldives--a fantastic place for ___3____ The Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is a popular holiday place for its beautiful sea. Most of the time, you can stay in a private ___4____house which sits in the middle of the water--connected to the mainland by a small walkway which is also made of wood. If you want to go ___5____to relax--this is the place to do it. No 2. Queenstown New Zealand- a wonderful place for excitement In winter or Summer, Queenstown is a fantastic place for holiday. In winter it is full of people there for the skiing, and in summer it is ____6___crowded with people there to take the white water down the shotover river. The water in he river is freezing cold(even in summer)-but if you can stand the cold, ___7____in the river is certainly allowed. Queenstown is also New Zealand’s jetboat and bungee jumping capital. How exciting these ____8___activities sound! No 3 New York, USA- a great place for ____9____ When tourists go to New York, they will of course be taken to famous buildings with a history, such as the Empire State Building. Museums like Central Park, Rockfeller Center, Times Square are popular with those who are at the top of travelers’ must-go destinations. With the US dollar at an all time low, it is the perfect time for non-Americans ___10____to New York and pick up some bargains. The only thing you need to keep in mind when traveling in New York City is to bring enough money and enjoy yourself! VIII. Writing (10’) Write a passage of 80-120 words to introduce a famous building that you know in China or other countries. 1. Who built it? When? Why is it famous? 2. What happened to it? What do people use it for now? 4

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