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1、房子着火了,里面的人面临着死亡的危险 The house was on fire and the people inside were in danger of losing their lives. 2、他买不起这么好的房子 He cannot afford to buy such a fine house. 3、 这个主意听起来也有些怪, 不过还真有点道理 Although this idea may sound strange, it does make sense. 4、约翰看起来是个好人,即便如此我还是不信任他。

John seems (to be) a nice person. Even so, I don’t trust him. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 如果他一开始谈论过去,你就永远没法从他那脱身。

If he starts talking about the past, you’ll never get away from him. 冬天失业率有上升的趋势 There is a tendency for job losses to rise in the winter. 在我不断的要求下, 父亲终于同意和我去澳大利亚了。

Because of my frequent demands, father finally agreed to go to Australia with me. 他把老店卖了, 开了一家新的以便赚更多的钱。

He sold his shop and opened a new one to make more money. 我们应该从中吸取教训,这是很重要的 It is important for us to learn a lesson from the failure. 他相信自己相当证券经纪人的梦想总能实现 He believes that one day his dream of becoming a stockbroker will come true. 很多学生最后从事的工作不需要用到所学的知识 Many students end up doing jobs that do not make use of what they have learnt. 我一提到他的名字,母亲就变得很不开心 As soon as I mentioned his name. my mother became very unhappy. 只要你经常锻炼,你又会变得健康起来 As long as you get regular exercise, you will become healthy again. 我一直想读一本太空的书,但是我好像总没时间去读 I have always been thinking of reading a book on space, but I never seen to get around to it. 那位作家自从买了电脑后, 就再也不用笔写小说了 Since the writer had bought the computer, he no longer wrote his stories with a pen. 学校制定了一些新的规章制度,人人必须遵守 The school has set up some new rules that everybody must follow. 看见大海孩子们开心的大叫起来 The children cr with delight at the sight of the sea. 你刚刚说的话我没太听懂,你能再说一遍吗?I didn’t quite catch on to what you said just now. Would you say it again? 他知道那项任务很难,但还是接受了 He was conscious of the difficulty of the task, but he still accepted it. 直到现在,当想起那天发生的事情时,我还觉得莫名其妙 To this day, when I recall what happened that day, I still feel confused. 她似乎以贬低别人为快 She seems to enjoy speaking poorly of others. 他过度的喝酒抽烟结果死了 He d as a consequence of heavy drinking and smoking. 你永远无法从他那里得到直接的回答 You can never get a straight answer out of him. 我们的产品在过去几年中逐渐受到欢迎。

Our products have become popular little by little over the past few years. 我们明天就该开始那个项目了,可你却还没有准备好 We are supposed to start working on that project tomorrow, but you haven’t got thing,s ready. 我今晚得把工作赶完,所以我不能和你一起去看电影 I have to catch up on my work tonight, so

I can’t go to the movies with you. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 约翰不习惯这的新生活,所以打算搬走 John wants to move because he is not accustomed to the new life here. 她伸手拿起电话, 拨了一个朋友的号码 She reached for her telephone and dialed the number of a friend. 这个计划听起来虽然很难, 但他决心将它付诸实施 Difficult as the plan sounds, he is determined to put it into practice. 面对这么多的困难,球队怎么能赢得比赛呢?How could the team win the game in the face of so many difficulties? 自两年前开业以来,今年年初他的生意最兴隆 His business was at its best at the beginning of this year since it was started two years ago. 他虽然没有直接说, 但我们能从他的手势中得到一些信息 Although he didn’t say it directly, we could pick up some messages from his gestures. Unit 1 1、 你认为一个人要做些什么才能成为一个幸福的人? What do you think one can do to be a happy person? 2、 自从她去年离开上海去重新过她的农村生活后,我的心里一直很失落。

Since she left shanghai and resumed her life in the country last year, a void has found its way into my heart. 3、我甚至没想过他会中头奖。

It didn’t even cross my mind that he would win the first prize. 4、我是在大城大的,忙忙碌碌的生活对我不再新鲜了。

I grew up in a big city, so the rat race is no longer new to me. Unit 2 1、 教书时一个重要的职业-------一个令人神往的职业,充满挑战和激情。

Teaching is an important profession-a fascinating one, filled with challenges and excitement. 2、 如果这位科学伟人还活着的话,毫无疑问他会扩充他的定义,把最新的研究成果包括进来。

If the great scientist were still alive today, he would no doubt expand his definition to include the latest research findings. 3、 解决国与国之间争端的最好的办法是通过联合国。

The best way to solve disputes between countries is through the United Nations. 4、 大工厂生产的产品正在替代小工场生产的产品。

Goods produced by big factories are taking the place of the goods produced by small workshops. Unit 3 1. 这可能产生的后果(consequence)应予以认真考虑。

The likely consequences of the incident need to be reflected on/upon. 2. 他差点解决了这个问题。

(within an inch of…He was within an inch of solving the problem. 3. 假如你要把财产转让给他人, 须使他成为合法产权人 (legal owner) 。

(transfer… to) If you want to transfer your property to someone, you should first make him the legal owner of it. 4. 自从公司迁到这个地区以来, 已有数十台电脑被盗, 公司决定采取措施制止盗窃。

(take action) More than ten computers have been stolen since the company moved to this area, so the company decided to take action to stop it. B. Translate the following into Chinese.

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