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初二下学期英语复习提纲 1 、宾语从句: 如果一个句子作为动词或介词的宾语,称为宾语从句。

(1) 如果一个特殊疑问句作某个动词或介词的宾语, 一定要用其陈述的语序。

如: they often ask him where he is from.. 不能说成: they often ask him where is he from. ( 2) 某些特殊疑问句作宾语可以简写成“特殊疑问句 +to do” 的形式。

例如: i am thinking about what to say < what i should say.> 我正在考虑我该说点儿 什么。

练习: 一, 选择题; ( )1,Thanks a lot forme about it. a.to tell b.tell c.telling d.told ( )2.Best wishesyour birthday. a. for b.to c.on d.in ( )3.In England, people usually call James Jim. a.shortly b.for short c.easy d.easily ( )4. Mother with her three childrengoing shopping. a.are b.is c.will d.were ( )5. March 8 th is a.the women‟s day b.the woman‟s day c.women‟s day d.women‟ day 二, 改错题: ( ) 1.Every here like English very much. 1

( )2.Mr Wu is going to want me to give a talk. ( )3.In England, you never can‟t put their family name first. ( )4.I don‟t know why do people call me Jim. ( )5.I‟d like to buy something for Mr Wu in teacher‟sday. 三、 单项选择: ( ) 1.Best wishesteacher‟sday. a.to b.for c.of d.with ( )2.Thank you forEnglish fun. a.make b.to make c.makes d.making ( )3.In England , people never use the first name their family name. a.before. b.in front of c.with d.after ( )4.The teacher didn‟t teach us in the last lesson. a.new anything b,new something c.anything new d.something new ( )5.Everyone is here. nobody is a.not away b,away c.not out d.go ( )6.His friends call Jim short. a.he, for b.him, for c.him,in d.her,for ( )7.Would you like to give us a? a .talking b.talk c.to talk d.talks ( )8.Come to my office after school, Tom. Let‟sa talk about your lessons. a. have b. having c to have dhad ( )9.----Hi, Tom. how is your father? -----oh, a.he is not tall b. he doesn‟t feel well c.he is old d.he is a teacher 2

( )10.David William Lewis is called when we meet him for the first time. a. Dave b. David c. Mr.Lewis d. Mr.Willian ( )11.Rober Thomas Brown is my very good friend, so I usually call him a. Mr Brown b. RoberBrown c Bob d. Mr Robert ( )12.something about your family, ok? a. Say b. Tell c. Speak d. Talk ( )13.You can call me Bob, you should never call me Mr Bob. a.but b.or c.and d./ ( )14.In China, the first name is name. That‟s differentEnglish name. a .family, with b.given, from c.family, from d.given ,with ( )15,I‟m very glad the news. a.hear b.to hear c.listen d . listening ( ) 16.What aboutto the great wall hotel ? a.go b.to go c.goes d.going 2. 一般将来时 : be going to 结构的用法 : (1) 用 be going to+ 动词原形表示 ” 将要发生的事情或主观上打算 , 计划 , 决定要做的事 . 其后的时间状语通常为表示短期或近期含义的短语或表示固定 时间的从句 . 如 :tomorrow morning,/tomorrow afternoon /tomorrow evening, next month /next week /next year /next Saturday, this week /year/afternoon/Saturday. 或者 when you grow up---------? 等等 3

(2) be going to 结构中 ,be 是助动词 , 要按句中主语的人称和数的变化而 变化 . 其后要接动词的原形 . 该句的否定式是在 be 后面加 not, 其疑问式 将 be 提到句首 . 如 :She is going to help her mother clean the house this Sunday./We are going to watch TV tomorrow evening. /Are they going to have a sports meeting next month.? /There is going to be an English call tomorrow afternoon.. (3), 在英语中 , 表示位置转移的动词 , 如 :come, go, fly, drive, leave, stay, 等 , 可用现在进行时表示按计划或安排即将发生的事 , 不必用 be going to 结构 . 如 :She is flying to Nanjing herself. 明天她一个人飞往南京 . Are you driving home ? 你开车回家吗 ? 练习: 单项选择题: ( ) 1.What are you going to doFriday evening ? a.in b.on c.at dof ( )2.Do you haveto do every day ? a.much work b.many work c.much works d.many works ( )3.What about meat for supper ? a.to buy some b.to buy any c.buying some d.buying any ( )4. Ann her hair this Saturday . a.wash b.washes c. to wash d.is going to wash ( )5.My school is near. Ilike walking there. a.too b.quite c.quiet d.so ( )6. These new shoes are for. 4

a.you and I b.I and you c.you and me d.me and you ( )7. would you like boating ? a.go b.to go c.going d.to go to ( )8. Why not there by bus ? a.to go b.goes c. go d .going ( )9. Are you free next Ssaturday ?. a.Sure b. I think so c .Nothing much d.Why ( )10.Is Li Ming goodsinging ? a.at b.in c.on d. for ( )11.I have some books . a.read b.reading c.to read d.to reading ( )12.Are you going to stay at school on May day ? No, I‟m not. . a. I‟ m going to home b. I‟m c. I‟m going home d. I go to home ( )13. Kate has good friends at school. a.a quite lot of b,quite a lot of c.quite a lot d.a quite of ( )14. It‟s five milesthe farm the bus stop . a.from , to b.to, from c.from , with d.from ,by ( )15. Our teacher likes us English in the morning . a.to read b.reading c.read d.reads ( )16.They are going to play footballnext Friday. a.on b./ c.in d.at ( )17. Let‟snow . 5

a.going to the parkb.to play games c.are singing d.have a rest 3 . 形容词的比较级和最高级的用法: (1) 表示两者之间的比较时用比较级,常用于“比较级 +than ”结构。

如: This box is heavier than that one . 这个盒子比那个重。

He is much taller than I< am > ,< 口语一般用 me >. 他比我高很多。

通常可 用 much, a little , a lot , still , even 等词修饰比较级。

还可以用“数词 + 名词” 构成的名词短语表示确定的度量,来修饰比较级。

如: I am ten years older than my little brother. 我比我的小弟弟大了十岁。

(2) 表示三者或三者以上的比较时用最高级,常用于“最 -----“. 最高级的前面一般要加定冠词 the, 后面可带 of 短语来说明比较的范围。

如: The one with nuts is the nicest of all . 里面夹果仁的月饼是所有月饼中最 好吃的。

Li Lei is the best at English in his class. 李雷在他们班英语学得最好。


如: The yellow river is the second longest in China. 黄河是中国第二大长河。

一, 根据句意填入适当的词: 1,They are having tea the open air . 2,Thank you very much your help. 3,Wwould you like to come supper? 4,Wu Xia is the at Chinese in her class. 5,This is a book many colour picture 6,Our classroom is clean .It is cleaner yours. 6

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